Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wanderlust strikes again...

Forgive me for being on Hiatus for the last 2 months. The last 2 months have been a whirl. Been actually going places. Cebu, Surigao, U.K., Europe, Baguio. I am filled with happy memories, wonderful family time, of being in places I never thought of seeing and I'm just so grateful to have gone. I am so blessed. Thank You God. I am in awe of your creation. So awesome! But like a wonderful dream that ends, we all have to go back to reality. So I am back... =)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mothers Day Thought....

" No gift to your mother can equal her gift to you - LIFE! " Indeed! =)

Saturday, April 30, 2011

The thing called Family Politics...

Ok, this topic seems taboo. Its something that cannot be denied but is often ignored. This is reality folks! I have seen conflicts arise over and over again due to differences of opinions, division on issues and taking sides, finances, inheritance and Gossip. Oh boy! Sad isn't it? This can even be a major reason that breaks families apart. Even within the scope of my larger family unit, it does exist but No, we are not taking part of such. Sila na lang if they want. It is better to stay out of it, keep our opinions to ourselves and be in neutral grounds. This is part of what dad meant in my previous blog about family values.  Its just a matter of respect. Respect the difference, respect the individuality. Its being conscious of how we communicate our ideas and opinions and it starts with a decision. I believe that everything can be resolved in a peaceful manner when everyone can sit together, agree and arrive at a conjugal decision that will be for the benefit of everyone. It is always a choice. =)

Friday, April 22, 2011

What do we value as a family (Part 2)...

Six months ago, I wrote a blog entitled "What do we value as a family." I mentioned the following : Unity, Loyalty, Humor, Time, Generosity and Love. But of course there are more to that which is why I decided to make a second part of that blog. These are mostly inputs from the head of the family himself.

1. Respect - Respect means understanding and accepting each other for who we are.Respect,  in this case,  is  not  a  receiver's  mandate but  more  of the  giver's  responsibility.It  is  cognizant  of  a  person's  unique  individuality, that  each  of  us  have  our  own  destinies  to  live. Even  if  we  were  all  brought  the  same  way, even  if  we  went  to  the  same  school and  was  raised  in  the  same  discipline, even  if  we  were  twins, we'll  all  grow  up  to  live  lives  different  from  each  other. This  understanding  is  best  expressed  through respect  for  each  other.

2. Inspire Others - Knowing  that  we  are  all  a  member  of  a  larger community  of  man, it  should  be  incumbent  upon  us  to  uphold  our respectability  and  good  reputation.The  ability  to  live  our  daily  lives  to  be  as  a  good christian  and  good  citizen  is  an  inspiration  to others.We  must  always  try  to  be  a  shining  example  to the people  around  us.... and  like  charity,  it  begins  at  home. And  just  like  courtesy,  Inspiration  is  contagious.

In  corollary  to  this......

In  the  Filipino  family  culture,  upholding  family  pride and  respectability  should  be  kept.Nowadays,  there  is  a  strong  tendency  to  lose our sense  of  "Hiya".....  as  in - " Mahiya  ka  naman  sa  mga  kapitbahay or  Huwag  mong  gagawin  iyan  at baka  sabihin  ng   mga  tao  na  talagang  ganyan  iyan  maski  sa  pamilya  nila..... " 

Dad always told us to take care of our name and we have the responsibility to protect it. Our (sur)name is a legacy we want to pass on to the future generations and therefore, we ought to uphold it the best way we can and be careful not to destroy its reputation with our actions.
Another thing is Sacrifice. Love is sacrificial. It is never easy but necessary if one thinks for the good of another family member.

These are the values that make up our family. The same values I would want to pass on to the next generation someday. What do you value as a family? =)

A Staycation...

Its Good Friday once again and like Holy Weeks of the past, Manila is the best place to be. I love the serenity and quietness of the Metropolis even for just 2 days.2 whole days where there is no traffic, less pollution. Its BLISS! I honestly don't mind being on a staycation - this is what it is. Away from the maddening crowd, less expenses too. Don't get me wrong, I love going places, I am no hermit except that I prefer to go when its not too crowded else, I would be needing a vacation from a vacation. Big crowds doesn't cut out for me.

So I am enjoying my staycation. Sleeping and waking up as I please, reflecting on what was done on the cross, catching up on my reading or writing a blog,  Having room service right inside my house (Thank You Manang!). Best of all just being with my family practically doing nothing. =) Just perfect to gear up for a busy week ahead.

How are you enjoying your Holy Week? =)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Post Birthday Blog

I turned a year wiser seven days ago to be exact and to be honest, I had the birthday blues days before. There is something about birthdays that makes you vulnerable and emotional I guess. I am nearing the big 4-0 just a very few years away. =( And birthdays are usually a time of assessing where one has gone through life.

A few weeks before we had a High School Reunion. While it was nice to see everyone again and catch up, I can't help but compare my life with the others. There were some who were equally single (but there are few of us), some are separated, most are married with kids. Sigh! there you go... I'm like " Lord, this is not how it was supposed to be.". While I did bid my time coz I knew it was meant to happen anyway, I didn't expect to wait this long. Ideally, I should be happily married by now, maybe have 2 kids (or more), have our own house and living happily ever after but here I am, single, currently not even in a relationship, no kids either. I have a dog. Feels frustrating and lonely even. Couldn't help but think, "what is wrong? why? Am I not worth it?". I am single but not by choice but there just isn't anybody yet and I'm still waiting. I keep praying and I even claimed and thank Him already but it isn't happening yet. Are my prayers not getting passed the ceiling? Times like this makes me want to just abandon everything I believe in and held on to. I feel like a child who is griping because I could not get what i want...

 I can choose to loose faith and loose sight over the good things He has blessed me with or I can choose to be grateful and look at how much I am blessed.

I have a family who loves me truly, My dad is alive and healthy, I have wonderful friends who surround me, I live a comfortable life with a stunning view, I am able to go to places I want to go, there is food in the table, there's enough to buy medicine, i may not be in the best of health but I am not seriously sick. I may not have everything I want right now but I certainly have all that I need. So I choose the latter and I hang on to his word. His timing and choice, not mine for He is faithful. =)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Inching my way to wellness...

Yes, you've heard it right. I've had enough of not being in the best of health (too much medicine and too costly), not to mention it has taken a dive to my self-esteem. I've reach a point of frustration about a lot of things so I admit my own lack of self-discipline and acknowledge that I needed help.

Off I went to check out the Weight Management Center of St. Lukes which is very convenient since its within the vicinity. Decided to enroll in their weight management program for 12weeks/36 sessions. It includes a pre-assessment, different bloodworks and physical test to know your ability (as far as exercise is concerned). Glad that inspite the fact that I have not been taking care of myself pretty well, everything was within normal range (with medication of course.) I have a team of doctors who will oversee the program from an Endocrinologist, Cardio, Rehabilitation Medicine, Pulmonary, Psychiatrist (no, I'm no coockoo!) to a Nutritionist/Dietitian. So far, I've attended 2 sessions. The exercise routine was not really easy. Now I know how it feels like to be a "biggest loser" contestant. HAHA. Left me breathless and I'm like in level 1 only. Sheesh! My trainers were nice in fairness but really firm. I also realized how weak my knees are. It still hurts from yesterday's routine. They also made me fill up a Food Diary so the Nutritionist can keep track of what I eat and the quantity.  Now I really watch what I eat. I am still not much into fruits and veggies and I still do crave for chocolate or something similar but I've been trying my best to lessen the food intake. Maybe 3 months will be enough to change my eating habits.

I am positive about the outcome of this. I am hoping to build a stronger stamina (to get ready for my trip), feel lighter, look better, take lower dosages of medicine too. As far as I'm concerned, I have already won half the battle with the decision to start. That is always the hardest part - never knowing how and where to start but I have. May this be truly life-changing for me as I inch my way to wellness. =)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Musings... yet again

Just realizing that Apart from God's grace, I am nothing, no one.
While everyone has innate goodness in them ( including me)
I know I am not naturally kind,
I am not normally patient, I can get really irritable, I can easily hurt someone's feelings.
I acknowledge that I am and forever will be a work in progress.

Apart from Gods Love, its impossible for me to Love
For I love because He first loved me.

Every good thing that I have, that is happening and those that are yet to come. I don't deserve it but I
am only deserving because I am His Daughter. Thank God for a wonderful Father who is so gracious in blessing me.

Grateful! =)

Its not OK, ok?

Oops, He did it again! How could you Willie R.? When will He ever learn his lesson? Stripping off the dignity of a child for ratings in exchange for meager sum of money? Seeing that video of Jan Jan made me cringe! Oh how I feel the embarrassment of the little boy, crying while doing his dance moves which is sorry but like one of a stripper. And where did he learn those dance moves? (Hello Tita of Jan Jan - Tama ba yun? ). It is heartbreaking! Now who should be responsible for this? This is a proof of the moral disintegration of the society. How sad! What are you teaching the boy about life? That its ok to dance like that in front of millions of viewers? That its ok because it will put food in your tummy? That its ok to laugh in the misery of others? Its not OK! What happened in that show is clearly a violation of the right of this child. Its such a pity that those who are supposed to protect him and take care of him did not do their duty. And the host of the show? He had control over the situation if He wanted to. He calls the shots. It just exposes the kind of heart he has contrary to what the masses percieves him to have. He could have asked the boy to stop dancing like that or ask him to show him another talent like sing. But He enjoyed watching him and even asked him to do it over and over and over again! Shame on him. He is not using his mind! Or does he has have one? Didn't he even think He has a grandson of his own to protect? How would he feel if his grandson danced like that in fron't of an audience?

I don't know what lies ahead for this little boy. All i know is that He was done wrong by the society and even more so by the same people who should be loving and protecting him. I hope and pray for little Jan Jan and I hope that readers, audience, that host who did it again learns from this experience.

Are we ready?

One of my greatest fears living in the 34/F is being home when an Earthquake happens. I have experienced it twice (Thank God, I didn't feel the latest one.) and I'm thankful that it wasn't a major one unlike what happened recently in Christchurch, NZ, Japan and Myanmar.  Still, it makes me think that if a major one happens, am I ready for it? I don't think no amount of preparedness will make one really ready when the inevitable happens. Just thinking the flight of stairs I would need to go through to get out of the building makes me tired already. However, I think its important that we all know what to do. Here are some survival tips I read from different sites that maybe helpful :

1. Have an Earthquake readiness plan handy and share it with everyone living with you.
2.Contrary to what they often say to say under the door frame or under the table, DON'T! It might break.
3. Remember the Triangle of life - stay within the angles of an invisible triangle but make sure you are not under one where breakables may fall on your head.
4. Curl up into fetus position but use your hand to protect your head.
5. Stay indoors until the shaking stops, grab your emergency earthquake kit if you have and head out to the fire exit as fast as you could.
6. Go down and out as fast as you could because there will surely be aftershocks.
7. Once you are outdoors, stay on an open area free from  buildings, trees and power lines and lie on the ground.
8.  Pray! Pray really hard.

Now I mentioned an Earthquake kit. I think it is only sensible to have one. Your Earthquake kit should have the following basics inside a bag/backpack which is situated near where you can easily grab it :
- A Hard Hat ( used by construction workers)
- A whistle on a chain so you can wear it.
- Flashlight and spare batteries.
- Blanket
- Water
- Food that does not need cooking or complicated opening such as crackers or energy bar.
- Small Towel.
- Medicines, Cotton, Betadine.
- Passport (get it ready and accessible)

Hope this is helpful! Cheers! =)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Keeping them close...

While it may still have its downside, I just LOVE what technology can do nowadays...

I love that its so easy to webcam with my sister and niece all the way from UK
I love how I get to chat with my cousin from Concorde, C.A. almost every day or night when she is in FB or my kuya in Hawaii and the other one in Abu Dhabi.
I love how it keeps me in touch with friends from Singapore, KL, New Zealand, Paris, Dubai, US or even locally. It makes us so near even if we are far apart.
I love that because of social networking, Old friends have found each other and the friendship is rekindled.
I love that with just a touch of a button, its so easy to call for SOS when needed

Makes me feel that indeed, its a small world after all. =)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

25 years after...

Today, we commemorate what happened in Edsa in 1986 when there was a show of collective unity to achieve freedom. We showed the world that it is possible to restore democracy in a bloodless manner. I was too young and too sheltered to be involved then but I did understand what the people stood for and it does make me proud to be a Filipino. There was a clamor for change and hearts full of hope.

Where are we now, 25 years after? I look at the world around me and this is what i see : The rich get richer, the poor gets poorer, the justice system sucks, Corruption is so massive that it is worst that how it was 25 years ago. People have lost their hope. The much coveted freedom that was fought for then seems used and abused for the wrong reasons - all for personal gain.

I just pray that people will cherish the freedom that we are currently enjoying and while doing so, not forget that with this freedom comes responsibility and accountability for the love of this country and all its people. May we not forget the essence of Edsa 25 years ago and may hope rise in the people once more.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Counting your blessings through the everydayness of life..

Its funny how sometimes God reveals to you how blessed you are in the smallest everyday things that is usually taken for granted. The other day as I was coming home from the supermarket, I came across a crowd waiting for a ride and trying to get ahead over the others when a public transportation stops to get passengers. I feel sorry for them but oh, how thankful I am that I didn't have to be in their shoes. I look around me and I am thankful to have shelter, food, finances for medicines and a little bit more to enjoy life. I am thankful for my family and for having real friends. Indeed, there are many more to be thankful for if we are just aware of it. It is always better to count your blessings than to rant how heavy your cross is or focusing on what you don't have. It really is that simple... =)

The forgotten practice of Chivalry...

Is Chivalry dead? Not really... I must say there are still a few men out there who practices it but it is a dying characteristic if the society does not do something about it.

Chivalry is best defined as a method of training and  standards of behavior for knights in the middle ages. Its code emphasizes bravery, military skill, generosity to victory, gallantry and courtesy to women. Yes, it is as basic as being courteous to women yet it is rarely done nowadays. Chivalry is :

- Opening and holding the door for a woman when you enter a venue or the car.
- It is giving up your seat in the bus or MRT to let a lady ( elderly or otherwise) take that seat.
- It is pulling a chair and let the woman seat first before getting your own seat.
- It is staying on the danger side when crossing the road.
- It is making sure the lady is not disrespected and making sure you deal with it when someone does.
- It is offering to carry the heavy stuff that she could be carrying.
- It is giving your hand to assist her in going down the steps or when going through a crowd.

No matter how modern the world has become. A lady will always appreciate a chivalrous gesture from a gentleman. A lady will always want to treated as a lady. Perhaps its never too late to practice and impart it to a new generation but it should always start within.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Lighthouse...

As you sail through life amidst the raging waters of the deep, dark blue sea
let this Lighthouse safely guide and anchor you safely back home to my heart where you belong where I am waiting.... Loveyou...

( Photo taken from Flicker)

A Trust Issue...

Allow me to vent... Something happened last Sunday that while others may find it funny, I do not. I simply laughed and rode along with them and i simply tried to shrug it off but thinking about it now, I do feel offended. Some may think I am making a mountain out of a molehill and really, its something shallow but hear me out... Although I love food, I am visual and picky. For the life of me, you won't be able to make me eat street food probably except for occasional fishball (which I can tolerate) or the green mangoes soaked in water but thats about it. I also do not eat Balut and Dinuguan (They call it chocolate meat but really its pork blood) and liver. Eww, just thinking about it is making me cringe!

Anyway, we had dinner in a Mediterranean Restaurant somewhere in Serendra. They went ahead and ordered food, it came, I ate. In fairness, it was good but halfway through eating, I knew they tricked me into eating something I would never eat had I known.=( Boo! But I didn't want to be embarrassed so I ate it anyway and just drank more coke. They made me eat OX BRAIN making me think it was a chicken dish. Ewwwww. After dinner, I told them I kinda figured it out and Hell, they even tried to justify that it was all visual and I liked it ( Yeah, until something in its taste made me figure it out).

Point is, even if they meant it as a joke, I think it is cruel because they should have let me made that choice if I wanted to try it or not by being honest instead of tricking me into eating it thinking it was chicken. 2 things I realized. First, How gullible I could get! If my own family can do that to me and find it funny. What more other people? Second, Can I trust them still from this point on? I felt like a victim of their conspiracy. If my own flesh and blood can do this, who more can I trust? No one?  I think I would always think twice if they say something or make me eat something. Indeed, it takes time to build trust up but just a second to loose it. And that's how the cookie crumbles....

Friday, January 21, 2011

The secret to lasting relationships...

I've been blessed with friendships that spun through years and I've been witness to great relationships and marriages worthy of emulating. We all know the factors that keeps it strong and solid. We read it in books and articles. I always said that the formula to lasting relationships is less expectations and more appreciation. Here is another one... the word is CONSISTENCY. There should always be an effort to be consistent, to keep in touch, to show your partner love and care, to give time to it. Consistency would make love grow, make relationships solid, could build up trust. Without it, any relationship just falters. So take a mental note of it and be consistent. =)

About TIME...

Sheesh... Can't believe it, its almost been a month since the new year and new decade started.Can't believe that a decade just passed in the wink of an eye. It seems like only yesterday when people were worried about the Y2K Bug, now look where we are as far as technology is concerned... Where did the time go? flowers bloom, children grow, we age (u-oh ;( ) . Sigh, sometimes I wish time would just stop especially when I'm having a great time and sometimes I wish it would fast forward. Time does fly when you are having LIFE...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goodbye 2010 and Hello 2011!

The past month saw me giddy as a child again as I watch Fireworks every weekend of the holiday month from my window. I have the best view!!!! Yey!  Wow! I am awed. Nothing prepared me for the spectacular sight of Last New Years Eve though when there seemed to be a symphony of fireworks going on with the music that was being played. I wish I could have captured its beauty in video. I tried to take pictures but it could not justify its beauty. I guess its just a glimpse of what is yet to come. Brand New Year, Brand New Decade. New Beginnings. Things are just starting to look up... Hello 2011! Please be good to me. Here's to more priceless moments and beautiful memories you cannot buy, new dreams to build and the fulfillment of answered prayers... Cheers! =)