Sunday, March 27, 2011

Musings... yet again

Just realizing that Apart from God's grace, I am nothing, no one.
While everyone has innate goodness in them ( including me)
I know I am not naturally kind,
I am not normally patient, I can get really irritable, I can easily hurt someone's feelings.
I acknowledge that I am and forever will be a work in progress.

Apart from Gods Love, its impossible for me to Love
For I love because He first loved me.

Every good thing that I have, that is happening and those that are yet to come. I don't deserve it but I
am only deserving because I am His Daughter. Thank God for a wonderful Father who is so gracious in blessing me.

Grateful! =)

Its not OK, ok?

Oops, He did it again! How could you Willie R.? When will He ever learn his lesson? Stripping off the dignity of a child for ratings in exchange for meager sum of money? Seeing that video of Jan Jan made me cringe! Oh how I feel the embarrassment of the little boy, crying while doing his dance moves which is sorry but like one of a stripper. And where did he learn those dance moves? (Hello Tita of Jan Jan - Tama ba yun? ). It is heartbreaking! Now who should be responsible for this? This is a proof of the moral disintegration of the society. How sad! What are you teaching the boy about life? That its ok to dance like that in front of millions of viewers? That its ok because it will put food in your tummy? That its ok to laugh in the misery of others? Its not OK! What happened in that show is clearly a violation of the right of this child. Its such a pity that those who are supposed to protect him and take care of him did not do their duty. And the host of the show? He had control over the situation if He wanted to. He calls the shots. It just exposes the kind of heart he has contrary to what the masses percieves him to have. He could have asked the boy to stop dancing like that or ask him to show him another talent like sing. But He enjoyed watching him and even asked him to do it over and over and over again! Shame on him. He is not using his mind! Or does he has have one? Didn't he even think He has a grandson of his own to protect? How would he feel if his grandson danced like that in fron't of an audience?

I don't know what lies ahead for this little boy. All i know is that He was done wrong by the society and even more so by the same people who should be loving and protecting him. I hope and pray for little Jan Jan and I hope that readers, audience, that host who did it again learns from this experience.

Are we ready?

One of my greatest fears living in the 34/F is being home when an Earthquake happens. I have experienced it twice (Thank God, I didn't feel the latest one.) and I'm thankful that it wasn't a major one unlike what happened recently in Christchurch, NZ, Japan and Myanmar.  Still, it makes me think that if a major one happens, am I ready for it? I don't think no amount of preparedness will make one really ready when the inevitable happens. Just thinking the flight of stairs I would need to go through to get out of the building makes me tired already. However, I think its important that we all know what to do. Here are some survival tips I read from different sites that maybe helpful :

1. Have an Earthquake readiness plan handy and share it with everyone living with you.
2.Contrary to what they often say to say under the door frame or under the table, DON'T! It might break.
3. Remember the Triangle of life - stay within the angles of an invisible triangle but make sure you are not under one where breakables may fall on your head.
4. Curl up into fetus position but use your hand to protect your head.
5. Stay indoors until the shaking stops, grab your emergency earthquake kit if you have and head out to the fire exit as fast as you could.
6. Go down and out as fast as you could because there will surely be aftershocks.
7. Once you are outdoors, stay on an open area free from  buildings, trees and power lines and lie on the ground.
8.  Pray! Pray really hard.

Now I mentioned an Earthquake kit. I think it is only sensible to have one. Your Earthquake kit should have the following basics inside a bag/backpack which is situated near where you can easily grab it :
- A Hard Hat ( used by construction workers)
- A whistle on a chain so you can wear it.
- Flashlight and spare batteries.
- Blanket
- Water
- Food that does not need cooking or complicated opening such as crackers or energy bar.
- Small Towel.
- Medicines, Cotton, Betadine.
- Passport (get it ready and accessible)

Hope this is helpful! Cheers! =)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Keeping them close...

While it may still have its downside, I just LOVE what technology can do nowadays...

I love that its so easy to webcam with my sister and niece all the way from UK
I love how I get to chat with my cousin from Concorde, C.A. almost every day or night when she is in FB or my kuya in Hawaii and the other one in Abu Dhabi.
I love how it keeps me in touch with friends from Singapore, KL, New Zealand, Paris, Dubai, US or even locally. It makes us so near even if we are far apart.
I love that because of social networking, Old friends have found each other and the friendship is rekindled.
I love that with just a touch of a button, its so easy to call for SOS when needed

Makes me feel that indeed, its a small world after all. =)