Thursday, February 24, 2011

25 years after...

Today, we commemorate what happened in Edsa in 1986 when there was a show of collective unity to achieve freedom. We showed the world that it is possible to restore democracy in a bloodless manner. I was too young and too sheltered to be involved then but I did understand what the people stood for and it does make me proud to be a Filipino. There was a clamor for change and hearts full of hope.

Where are we now, 25 years after? I look at the world around me and this is what i see : The rich get richer, the poor gets poorer, the justice system sucks, Corruption is so massive that it is worst that how it was 25 years ago. People have lost their hope. The much coveted freedom that was fought for then seems used and abused for the wrong reasons - all for personal gain.

I just pray that people will cherish the freedom that we are currently enjoying and while doing so, not forget that with this freedom comes responsibility and accountability for the love of this country and all its people. May we not forget the essence of Edsa 25 years ago and may hope rise in the people once more.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Counting your blessings through the everydayness of life..

Its funny how sometimes God reveals to you how blessed you are in the smallest everyday things that is usually taken for granted. The other day as I was coming home from the supermarket, I came across a crowd waiting for a ride and trying to get ahead over the others when a public transportation stops to get passengers. I feel sorry for them but oh, how thankful I am that I didn't have to be in their shoes. I look around me and I am thankful to have shelter, food, finances for medicines and a little bit more to enjoy life. I am thankful for my family and for having real friends. Indeed, there are many more to be thankful for if we are just aware of it. It is always better to count your blessings than to rant how heavy your cross is or focusing on what you don't have. It really is that simple... =)

The forgotten practice of Chivalry...

Is Chivalry dead? Not really... I must say there are still a few men out there who practices it but it is a dying characteristic if the society does not do something about it.

Chivalry is best defined as a method of training and  standards of behavior for knights in the middle ages. Its code emphasizes bravery, military skill, generosity to victory, gallantry and courtesy to women. Yes, it is as basic as being courteous to women yet it is rarely done nowadays. Chivalry is :

- Opening and holding the door for a woman when you enter a venue or the car.
- It is giving up your seat in the bus or MRT to let a lady ( elderly or otherwise) take that seat.
- It is pulling a chair and let the woman seat first before getting your own seat.
- It is staying on the danger side when crossing the road.
- It is making sure the lady is not disrespected and making sure you deal with it when someone does.
- It is offering to carry the heavy stuff that she could be carrying.
- It is giving your hand to assist her in going down the steps or when going through a crowd.

No matter how modern the world has become. A lady will always appreciate a chivalrous gesture from a gentleman. A lady will always want to treated as a lady. Perhaps its never too late to practice and impart it to a new generation but it should always start within.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Lighthouse...

As you sail through life amidst the raging waters of the deep, dark blue sea
let this Lighthouse safely guide and anchor you safely back home to my heart where you belong where I am waiting.... Loveyou...

( Photo taken from Flicker)

A Trust Issue...

Allow me to vent... Something happened last Sunday that while others may find it funny, I do not. I simply laughed and rode along with them and i simply tried to shrug it off but thinking about it now, I do feel offended. Some may think I am making a mountain out of a molehill and really, its something shallow but hear me out... Although I love food, I am visual and picky. For the life of me, you won't be able to make me eat street food probably except for occasional fishball (which I can tolerate) or the green mangoes soaked in water but thats about it. I also do not eat Balut and Dinuguan (They call it chocolate meat but really its pork blood) and liver. Eww, just thinking about it is making me cringe!

Anyway, we had dinner in a Mediterranean Restaurant somewhere in Serendra. They went ahead and ordered food, it came, I ate. In fairness, it was good but halfway through eating, I knew they tricked me into eating something I would never eat had I known.=( Boo! But I didn't want to be embarrassed so I ate it anyway and just drank more coke. They made me eat OX BRAIN making me think it was a chicken dish. Ewwwww. After dinner, I told them I kinda figured it out and Hell, they even tried to justify that it was all visual and I liked it ( Yeah, until something in its taste made me figure it out).

Point is, even if they meant it as a joke, I think it is cruel because they should have let me made that choice if I wanted to try it or not by being honest instead of tricking me into eating it thinking it was chicken. 2 things I realized. First, How gullible I could get! If my own family can do that to me and find it funny. What more other people? Second, Can I trust them still from this point on? I felt like a victim of their conspiracy. If my own flesh and blood can do this, who more can I trust? No one?  I think I would always think twice if they say something or make me eat something. Indeed, it takes time to build trust up but just a second to loose it. And that's how the cookie crumbles....