Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Time flies fast....

Today is July 01... Heck! I realized that we just finished half of the year yesterday and the second half just started today. It seems so recent that December just passed and in 2 months, the 'ber' months will begin. Where did the time go? How's your year so far ? What season are you in your life ?... So far my life has been steady. I am on the homestretch of my Academic Race and my focus is just that as it is the ultimate goal for this year. I am hoping to finish before end of this term. In 2 months to be exact. May God enable me with grace and wisdom...

Friday, June 25, 2010


Our little princess is turning three on sunday and even if she is no longer a baby - she will always be one for me. I am a doting Ayie and she is my only one. Isn't she a doll ?  Thank You sweetheart for bringing so much joy in our lives. You are a precious gift. You hold my heart. I love you...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fathers Day...

This window display struck me as I went around  Galleria some 2 years ago around this time too. I just had to take a picture of it.... I am speechless at the moment, there is so much to say about how lucky I am to be my fathers daughter, how grateful I am to have him in my life and how much I love him but I know beyond words He knows. There is a special bond that ties fathers and daughters that can't be explained but felt. HAPPY FATHERS DAY DADA! I LOVE YOU.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Who's your man?

I am a certified Sex and the City follower, who isn't? I have watched every single episode up to this recent movie version. We can one way or the other relate to any of the 4 girls or their GBF's (Gay Best Friend) at least, the love lives, the friendships, clothes and those SHOES!!! One would never really understand what it is about women and their shoes as with men and their cars.

During a recent Bachelorette Party we threw for a friend with an SATC theme, I came around asking the ladies, who they liked better, Big or Aidan? ( Big is Carrie's husband while Aidan was the one who got away). Most women answered Aidan but that didn't stop me from wondering what is it with Big that made him so irrisistably charming and why would eventually a typical girl would choose Aidan over Big.

Big represents power, prestige, good looks and money. He can give your dream life (and build you a nice, big, closet) but He was commitment-phobic for a very long time. This is the type of guy who would always keep you on your toes until he tires and gets ready to settle down which may take forever. Aidan represents the typical Joe, sweet, easygoing, hardworking, nice, dude who may be ideal to get settled with type.

While there is something about power and prestige that makes a man very attractive, I would choose someone like Aidan, a typical, simple Joe, the real one, true thing, simply settling. A relationship with a potential to grow steady with less headaches and heartaches. Agree?  Who would you choose?

Friday, June 11, 2010


Today is Philippine Independence Day! A day to commemorate our freedom from the colonial rule of Spain a century plus a decade and 2 years ago. I salute our National Heroes and those who paid the high price for the freedom that we are currently enjoying and their love for country else, our lives could have been different. Unfortunately,  this freedom have been long taken for granted and perhaps abused. Decades after gaining our independence, the love for country is not that evident, its more of a world where everyone fends for himself and is looking after his own interest.
The result of the recently concluded elections may just bring about hope and progress for our country. I am hoping that with the new leaders, love for country will be rekindled and passed on to the new generation.  I am still hoping that there will be a realization that this freedom comes with great responsibility and self-regulation within bounderies. When this is realized and practiced, then possibilities for a better Philippines and brighter tomorrows may be realized. Perhaps we ought to put the " Bayanihan " spirit alive again to work together and enjoy the merits this freedom which we can preserve for the future generations.

Get my drift? =)