Thursday, October 14, 2010

Circle of Life...

On the very same day that my granfather passed away, A friend of mine gave birth to a baby boy. Its all about endings and new beginnings. One life that just ended, another one just begun. The circle of life goes on...

To a Very Special Man

( "Daddy" - my paternal grandfather went home to the Creator last October 7, 2010. In my own way, I just want to honor him and write about him. For sure, He can read this in Heaven.=) )

Dad, your leaving was unexpected. I thought we would still have a few years left to spend together. I never thought that last Christmas would be last and Your birthday this year would be the last one you will have with us too. I'm sorry that the last time I saw you alive was six months ago. Our lives just got busy and you live far. But you were never far from my thoughts, I just didn't know how to get in touch with you but I always asked Tita Edna about you. In fact, the night before your stroke and we were having dinner, I asked how you were.

Its my privilege to be your Eldest grandchild. I may not be closest to you but we had our own moments and I am thankful. Grateful for every opportunity that I spent time with you during the last few years - Just talking about politics, religion, music and different things, you sharing stories of dad's childhood. I knew you would not live forever and time is of the essence. I have no regrets because I know you felt it and I've always told you that I Love You even that last time in Auntie Norma's party before we left, I made sure you knew.

Dada is who he is partly because of you, of how you and mommy raised him up. Thank You for the values you have taught them which are now passed on to us. The value of keeping our name and reputation unblemished, of keeping our word when we give it and to treat the people who have less with compassion and understanding. Thank you for the sense of humor and the gift of laughter that you have bestowed on your children that has been passed on to us, your grandchildren as well which makes life's burdens much easier. Thank you for your gift of service. That is your love language and it means a lot. Its the little things, the simple random acts of kindness that you will be remembered for - How you take your children to school and pick them up without fail, how you would drive us to the park to go biking or SM when we were younger when we wanted to go and we were in Visayas. Drove Karen and Joe around to their honeymoon in Baguio. That's my ultimate memory of you dad, our bonding moment going to Baguio and back when you first started talking to me as an adult, when you told me everything that happened in the past and I understood. Thank you for always being present for every holiday/occasion, for valuing family, for valuing us.

I would like to quote what dad said in his Eulogy, one of your words of wisdom that someday will be passed on:

" Kung hindi mo naman ikasakit, kung ikaw ay sinamang-palad na maloko sa buhay, pasalamat ka nalang na mas mapalad ka sa kanila, sapagkat hindi mo kailangan manloko o mang-lamang upang mabuhay. "

Another one to quote you - I think you got this from Newsweek :

"Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the poor."

I will always remember you fondly daddy as a simple man, gentle and kind, very patient, kakampi ka ng mga naapi. You have a good, big heart.  I will never forget you as I hear those classical music and even Yanni's, how your driving speed will depend on the music you play in the car and whenever I see a Newsweek or Time Magazine lying around for I know you love reading them. Wala ng iipunin si Tita Marie para ibigay kasi wala ka na. I will think about what you might have to say when there is a new political issue that I will hear on the news. I will remember you everytime I see a Red Poinsettia plant because I know you liked them, its almost christmas pa naman. I won't be buying you flower seeds coz you won't be around to plant them but I'm glad you enjoyed that gift. I will think of you whenever we eat good cheese, nuts and your mango cake because I know you love them. I will never enjoy my crab fat/aligue the way I enjoy it whenever we ate crab (wala na akong ka-share eh) together. Thank you for the memories that I will look back to. You lived a full life. Its time to rest and go home to the place that was prepared for you since the beginning of time.

But you will live on dad. Your legacy shall go on. What you have imparted to your children has been imparted to us and I guarantee that it will be imparted to the next generation.  I Love You Daddy! Till we meet again someday. Please watch over us. Cheers!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just for Laughs... =)

There are new entries with the old entries in circulation in the past on the amusing names of businesses here in RP.

• A parlor in San Juan: Cut & Face

• A wholesaler of balut in Sto. Tomas, Batangas:  Starduck  
• A small Internet cafĂ©:  Cafe Pindot
• A laundry in Manila:  Summa Cum Laundry
• A noodle restaurant in Pampanga: Mekeni Rogers
• A restaurant in Pasig:  Johnny’s Fried Chicken, The “Fried” of Marikina
• A boxing gym in Taguig:       Blow Jab
• A tombstone maker in Antipolo:  Lito Lapida
• A copy center in Sikatuna Village, Quezon City Pakopya ni Edgar
• A kambingan:  Sa Goat Kita
• A salon somewhere:  Curl Up And Dye
• A store selling feeds for chicken along Sucat Road:   Robocock
• A shoe repair in Marikina:  Dr. Shoe-Bago
• A shoe repair shop along Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City: SHOEPERMAN (We will HEEL you, save your SOLE, and even DYE for you)
• A petshop:  Petness First 
• A flower shop: Susan’s Roses
• A taxicab: Income Taxi
• A second-hand watch store: 2nd Time Around
• A squid stall in a wet market: Pusit to the Limit
• A lawyer’s extension office: Nota Republic
• A ceiling installer: Kisame Street
• A car-repair shop: Bangga ka ‘day!
• An aquatic pet store in Malolos: Fish Be With You
• A fishball cart along P. Campa St., near UST:  Eat MyBalls
• A barber shop in Cagayan de Oro:  Pinoy Big Barber
• A resto in Baclaran: The Last Supper
• A party-needs business: Balloon-Balloonan
• A Chinese restaurant in Pasig: Lah-Fang
• A store selling fresh chicken, apparently owned by a woman named Dina: Dina Fresh Chicken
• A Hair Salon in Makati: Hair We Go Again          
*  A beauty  shop  at  Global  City  specializing  in  manicure  &  pedicure services : Papa Foot Spa  Ka                                        
* A  skin &  face-care  saloon  in  Pasay  City :  Doble-Cara Skin Care          

Iba talaga mag-isip ang pinoy - very creative! =)