Sunday, January 31, 2010

What is your FB status?

I came across in my newsfeed about someone I know who's relationship status was " In a relationship and its complicated "... duh?

Isn't it such a waste of time to be in a relationship that is complicated at the same time? I mean, why bother to be in such? Well, I guess they could handle it. Its a free country and everyone is entitled to their own free choice. Its not for me though. I'm an all or nothing person for sure and if I am in a relationship, I would be proud of it and let the world know. It means I have weight all pros and cons and decided to go for it. It means I have found this person worthy of my time, my love, my emotions, my trust. We make each other happy and no, its nothing complicated.

Right now, my status is 'single' and thats it - for now, maybe? =)

Friday, January 29, 2010

" Renewable" Marriage? What the !@#&!

Recently, I read in the news that there is a proposal to Congress for "renewable" marriages. Errr, Isn't it that Marriage is for life? Reason is that there are many people trapped in unhappy and loveless marriage. How sad! So now, they want to give them an option if they are not satisfied. Their justification : Annulment cases are piling up and to save un-couples the tedious process of going through an annulment. If after 10 years, you are still in love and happy then good for you. All you have to do is to notify some government agency, NSO ba? that you wish for your marriage to be renewed. Otherwise, on your 10th year, your vows automatically become null and void. In other words, its just going to be like some product with an expiration date. This is surprising for a predominantly catholic country who recognizes the sanctity of marriage.

While I may agree that this is a free country and everybody is entitled to their own views of the matter. Let me put in my two cents worth : I'm not being Idealistic here but I believe that Marriage is a commitment and its for life until death do you part. If this bill gets passed, it will make it just very easy for people who are blinded by their feelings to just get married for the heck of it even if they are unprepared anyway, there is always an option to get out. Marriage comes with preparation holistically and entails maturity and the desire to live out your vows : " For richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health..." and of course, unconditional love. While it may still a choice before you say "I do", it becomes a decision one makes after the vows. Divorce or separation is not an option... for me at least. When I say, I do... its for life...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Are you part of the GLEE-QUE?

I am and thats for sure! I enjoyed it since the first episode and I am hooked! Love the songs, love the voices. =)

Glee is about Mckinley High School's Glee Club that used to be at reknown with its superb talent and voices but now seem to be a haven for outcasts and social misfits until an optimistic High School Teacher offers to restore it to its former glory.

Darn, I am finished with the first ten episodes and I can't wait for the next installments for season one. Do I have to wait that long?... I hear that its airing in the US will be on April. Till then....

Is she crazy or what?

You watch her on tv and her reasoning is absolutely annoying. Mother and son is still on the headlines. I am talking about Marlene Aguilar and Jason Ivler. It's like straight out of a telenovela, don't you agree? I commend her for her deep and unconditional love for her son and I think any parent would protect their child (more of coddle the criminal eh?) but it doesn't make it right. And I don't think she is crazy as how people see her to be in this situation. I think she's smart! She knows what she is doing and she is doing such for a reason - to get a way with it, perhaps? Here is a possible scenario : The court will find her crazy and instead of putting her to jail for keeping her son from the authorities, she might be sent to a nuthouse instead which is still far much better than prison facilities and she could roam free at least within the facility. Touchy, touchy subject, right? Well, its just personal opinion, don't hate me. Bottomline is that what she did was still wrong and she will still pay her dues. What comes around, goes around...