Saturday, April 30, 2011

The thing called Family Politics...

Ok, this topic seems taboo. Its something that cannot be denied but is often ignored. This is reality folks! I have seen conflicts arise over and over again due to differences of opinions, division on issues and taking sides, finances, inheritance and Gossip. Oh boy! Sad isn't it? This can even be a major reason that breaks families apart. Even within the scope of my larger family unit, it does exist but No, we are not taking part of such. Sila na lang if they want. It is better to stay out of it, keep our opinions to ourselves and be in neutral grounds. This is part of what dad meant in my previous blog about family values.  Its just a matter of respect. Respect the difference, respect the individuality. Its being conscious of how we communicate our ideas and opinions and it starts with a decision. I believe that everything can be resolved in a peaceful manner when everyone can sit together, agree and arrive at a conjugal decision that will be for the benefit of everyone. It is always a choice. =)

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