Friday, April 22, 2011

What do we value as a family (Part 2)...

Six months ago, I wrote a blog entitled "What do we value as a family." I mentioned the following : Unity, Loyalty, Humor, Time, Generosity and Love. But of course there are more to that which is why I decided to make a second part of that blog. These are mostly inputs from the head of the family himself.

1. Respect - Respect means understanding and accepting each other for who we are.Respect,  in this case,  is  not  a  receiver's  mandate but  more  of the  giver's  responsibility.It  is  cognizant  of  a  person's  unique  individuality, that  each  of  us  have  our  own  destinies  to  live. Even  if  we  were  all  brought  the  same  way, even  if  we  went  to  the  same  school and  was  raised  in  the  same  discipline, even  if  we  were  twins, we'll  all  grow  up  to  live  lives  different  from  each  other. This  understanding  is  best  expressed  through respect  for  each  other.

2. Inspire Others - Knowing  that  we  are  all  a  member  of  a  larger community  of  man, it  should  be  incumbent  upon  us  to  uphold  our respectability  and  good  reputation.The  ability  to  live  our  daily  lives  to  be  as  a  good christian  and  good  citizen  is  an  inspiration  to others.We  must  always  try  to  be  a  shining  example  to the people  around  us.... and  like  charity,  it  begins  at  home. And  just  like  courtesy,  Inspiration  is  contagious.

In  corollary  to  this......

In  the  Filipino  family  culture,  upholding  family  pride and  respectability  should  be  kept.Nowadays,  there  is  a  strong  tendency  to  lose our sense  of  "Hiya".....  as  in - " Mahiya  ka  naman  sa  mga  kapitbahay or  Huwag  mong  gagawin  iyan  at baka  sabihin  ng   mga  tao  na  talagang  ganyan  iyan  maski  sa  pamilya  nila..... " 

Dad always told us to take care of our name and we have the responsibility to protect it. Our (sur)name is a legacy we want to pass on to the future generations and therefore, we ought to uphold it the best way we can and be careful not to destroy its reputation with our actions.
Another thing is Sacrifice. Love is sacrificial. It is never easy but necessary if one thinks for the good of another family member.

These are the values that make up our family. The same values I would want to pass on to the next generation someday. What do you value as a family? =)

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